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IRCTC Authorized Partner

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Bulk Food Order in Train for Groups

Bulk Food Order in Train for Groups

Travelling with Friends, Family or Group in the Train? Order Bulk Food for Your Train Journey with RAILOFY!


Top Food Brands now in Trains

With Railofy, ordering food on the train is as easy as streaming on Netflix. Enhance your train journey with Railofy's online food ordering service. You will be delighted by the variety of delicious meals offered through our railway food order platform. Learn how to place an online food order on the train using Railofy, the benefits of ordering food via Railofy, and some pro tips. show less

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Order Haldiram & Subway food in train
Top Restaurant Brands
Haldiram's, Bikanervala, Subway, Arabian Taj & more ...
Best quality food delivery in train
Curated for Hygiene and Quality
Our menu is carefully curated to include only outlets that follow the highest quality standards
Food delivery in train Guarantee
100% Food Delivery Guarantee
Get ₹100 cash in your account + full refund if we miss to deliver your order
Railofy Kitchen food delivery in train
Hotplate by RAILOFY Kitchens
Our Cloud kitchen ensures best-in-class quality standards
FSSAI Certified Food delivery in train
FSSAI Certified
All our Brands & Kitchens are Certified by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
Eco friendly Food delivery in train
Eco Friendly Packaging
We use recyclable material for a better customer experience without harming Mother Nature


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About Railofy

Railofy is specially designed to help passengers navigate through various complicated aspects of their train journey in India by putting forward services like ticket booking & ordering food onboard.
Our authorised partnership with IRCTC signifies standard & guarantees an exceptional experience with the provision of confirmed ticket bookings through our unique Railofy confirm guarantee.
The Railofy app is easy to operate and enables you to search for trains, check PNR status & make fare comparisons, without any complications.
We are aware that train travel comes with a fair share of concerns. However, with Railofy, you can experience a lighter load on your journey, with one less concern:"last-minute ticket stress”. Our distinct quotas are designed to accommodate the necessities of all types of travellers making sure that they experience prompt & reliable bookings. Additionally, while booking through us you can be optimistic that the trains shown have confirmed seats available for booking decreasing the feeling of uncertainty & stress.
Providing a food delivery feature along with ticketing alleviates your journey & allows you to enjoy exquisite meals from top restaurant brands like Halidrams, Bikanerwala, Subway & more. Hygiene & quality are non-negotiables for us & our FSSAI-certified & eco-friendly packaging is a reflection of the same.
Experience the happiness of stress-free travel with Railofy.com. Railofy- simplifying your travel experience

Railofy - Our Mission

Most people associate train travel with nostalgia but what cannot be disregarded is the fact that it does come with a set of challenges like ticket confirmation, lack of proper information regarding train schedules etc, which have led people to believe it to be rather unfavourable.
We have been there, and we have thought exactly what you were thinking, but Railofy.com wants to change the perception of people because with technological advancements elevating every aspect of life, & seamless travel accompanied by enjoyable experience is also possible when it comes to trains.
Railofy values convenience but our mission goes beyond it. We aim to transform your train experience by making use of technology & providing innovative solutions. From booking tickets to ordering food, we are attempting to remove complexities from every aspect of your train journey.
Railofy.com aims to make train travel accessible as well as harmonious. Stress-free & relaxed passengers top our aspiration list. Our dedication to brilliance & consumer satisfaction promises high-standard train travel & reconceives the meaning of a remarkable train journey.

Services offered by Railofy

Here’s a list of services that make Railofy the exceptional platform that it is.
  1. Order Food in Train

    Railofy’s order food in train service allows passengers to order from their train seats and enjoy meals from renowned brands like Dominos, Haldirams etc. You order food using the Railofy app & via Railofy’s hotplate service, the food is delivered directly to your compartment allowing a pleasant & safe dining experience.
    You get everything from thalis to biryanis & cuisines like North India, South Indian, Chinese etc & our menu makes sure to accommodate taste & needs of all.
    The straightforward ordering process and variety of payment options accompanied by extensive customer support will enable you to experience something that has not been anticipated.
  2. PNR Status Check

    If uncertainty about your train ticket confirmation & journey bothers you, Railofy’s PNR status check service is the solution you are looking for. Our PNR status check service offers instant updates on your IRCTC train ticket bookings making sure you are certain about your journey.
    You can expect absolute peace of mind as Railofy offers comprehensive details including seat allocation, coach position & platform number. Railofy uses state-of-the-art analytics to foretell the chances of your PNR confirmation helping you plan better in peak seasons
    Railofy app also shares last-minute updates with their passengers helping you pre-plan. Whether you want to learn about various PNR statuses or increase your chances of obtaining a confirmed ticket, Railofy’s PNR status check service is your ultimate companion for uncomplicated travel planning.
  3. Train Running Status

    Train Running Status service by Railofy has dramatically altered the travel experience since it offers real-time updates on train schedules, and delays along with expected arrival & departure times. With the assistance of the Railofy app & with the added advantage of Railofy’s IRCTC-approved live train running status, passengers have the option to obtain precise & credible information.
    Railofy’s train running status service guarantees real-time information about their journey to passengers whether you are inside the train or waiting at the station. Furthermore, the Railofy app offers an uncomplicated user interface & various communication options like SMS, Railofy WhatsApp etc making it easier for passengers to check the live train status irrespective of time & place.
  4. Train Enquiry in detail

    Railofy’s train enquiry in detail service allows passengers to check live train schedules, PNR status, seat availability & fare details for better comparison. Features like train between stations along with station details, make planning easier ensuring a smooth travel experience. Additionally, the provision of the Railofy app’s unified ticket booking feature with a confirmed travel guarantee results in a top-notch booking experience leading to satisfaction amongst travellers. Railofy travel guarantee enables users to sit back without worrying about their train booking.
  5. Book Train Tickets

    Railofy has revolutionized train ticket booking with its user-friendly platform & exclusive services. The provision of confirmed ticket guarantee, secure WL & RAC ticket feature accompanied by free cancellation & instant refund. Owing to the smart recommendations & explicit train information, users can find preferred trains & check the availability of tickets. Railofy's uncomplicated online ticket booking, eradicating the need to stand in long queues is backed by its intuitive interface. Additionally, as a sanctioned premium partner of IRCTC, Railofy also offers the best deals ensuring a comfortable journey, and making train ticket booking convenient at every step.

Why Choose Railofy?

  • IRCTC Authorized Partner: Railofy is an authorized partner of IRCTC, which confirms the trustworthiness and proper functioning of food services delivered to you while you are on board a train.
  • Top Restaurant Brands: Take your pick from a wide range of international cuisines offered by popular brands including Haldiram’s, Subway, and others.
  • Hygiene & Quality: Get your food delivered at the rail or get your money back: Railofy guarantees that food will be served on time or you can opt for a full refund and an additional ₹100 cashback for missed orders.
  • Delivery Guarantee: Booking confirmation guarantee: If no tickets are confirmed for a train trip, get up to Rs. 5000 as cashback.
  • Confirm Guarantee: With Railofy confirm guarantee you can enjoy a no-cost cancellation and get your money back instantly if you choose to cancel your tickets without any complications.
  • Hotplate by Railofy Kitchens: One of the great services that Railofy Kitchen is proud to offer is healthy food delivery with specialized menus based on all possible precautions: FSSAI certification to guarantee hygiene and quality.
  • Instant Refund: Refunds for your ticket can now be received instantly; without delay, the return will be deposited straight into your bank account.
  • Free Cancellation: In case your train ticket gets cancelled, Railofy offers an instant refund without any fuss.
  • FSSAI Certified: We have to strictly follow the FSSAI standards for all brands and kitchens we work with, so you can be sure that the food quality will always meet your expectations.
  • Eco-Friendly packaging: We value our mother & that is why we use recyclable material for our packaging.


Yes, you can get Whatsapp updates without having to download the Railofy app. Just Whatsapp your PNR number to Railofy contact number 9881193322 and you will start receiving updates.
First, visit the website www.railofy.com or download the Railofy app. Now add in the relevant journey-related details, choose the train as per your preferences & proceed with the bookings.
Yes, you have the option to track the status of your train ticket booking. You can either log into your Railofy account or use the PNR check status on the Railofy app.
In case of cancellation, Railofy.com offers an instant refund.
You can follow multiple ways to order food on the train using Railofy:
  • Via Railofy mobile app: After the Railofy app download, sign up, and complete your order using your train information.
  • Through the official website: Visit www.railofy.com and gauge through the food options available on the website. Once you decide on your order, pay online.
  • Phone Order:Another way to place an order is to call the Railofy number 7441111266 & share your train details, choose your meal, and opt for cash on delivery.
Railofy offers a wide variety of services which include train ticket booking, food delivery trains, PNR status checks & live train schedule updates.
Yes, passengers can pre-order through the Railofy hotplate service. Just choose the menu you prefer & share your train details.
Passengers can order a variety of thalis, a range of biryanis, Chinese combos, an assortment of sweets, North Indian cuisines, and South Indian along with beverages both hot & cold.
In case of grievance, passengers can contact the railofy customer care team via email:customer.support@railofy.com.
When going for group orders, choose “Bulk orders” and the request for the same will be raised. Later, the Railofy Hotplate Customer Care team will call you for a custom menu & pricing.
Yes, you can use the Railofy coupon code HPORDER150 and save while ordering food on the train. After the app download & Railofy login, you can obtain a cashback of Rs.150/-.
We work dedicatedly towards our order delivery. However, if such a situation arises we will make sure that the order is delivered at the next station.
Railofy is one of the best food delivery apps. It also enables customers to book train tickets and track PNR status as well as train running status.
Yes, sharing your Railofy food review is possible. Once you are through with your order and have the order history with you, choose the order you want to review. You can add comments & rate using stars. Passengers also have the option to review Railofy Hotplate on Google Play Store or App Store.


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