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What are the Top Features of Railofy PNR Status?

  • Instant and Live update of your IRCTC train tickets
  • PNR Status with seat, coach position and platform number
  • PNR Prediction of your ticket and confirmation chances
  • PNR Status with passenger names and journey details
  • PNR chart prepared information and last-moment updates directly delivered to your Mobile App (Install Railofy APP)

Check PNR status and waitlist PNR prediction of IRCTC

PNR Status of IRCTC Train tickets can be checked on Railofy using your PNR number. Enter your 10 digit PNR number and click the ‘Get PNR Updates’ button. At the time of booking your ticket might be on the waiting list which means your ticket has been booked but you have not been assigned any seat or berth. Waiting list tickets may get confirmed in future before the train departs, it depends on how many confirmed tickets are cancelled or additional coach has been added. You can track your current status of waiting list train tickets using your 10 digit PNR number, mentioned on your ticket using Railofy website. Additionally, you can check the chances of getting your waiting list tickets getting confirmed using Railofy PNR Status prediction. Railofy is one of the best app in India to check PNR Status (more than 1 lakh downloads).

Check PNR status on festivals

During festival rush like Holi, Durga pooja, Diwali, Chhath, Eid, Christmas, you can explore Railofy's train alternates feature to find confirm ticket to your destination. After which you can instantly book and check the PNR STATUS on Railofy App or Website. We have upgraded our servers to handle the festival rush. So that our users can check their PNR status fast and seamlessly.

PNR Status Enquiry Via App

Railofy’s mobile app gives you the opportunity to check your PNR status quickly and provides regular updates on your PNR status enquiry. In addition to that, you also get information about the status of the reservation you made, coach position, and platform number of the train.

Checking PNR Status Via SMS

Indian Railways offers two ways for making a PNR enquiry. You can either send a text on ‘139’, a 3-digit number given by IRCTC, or you can send a SMS to 5676747 to get PNR train status delivered right into your inbox. However, the charge for sending a text on the given numbers is INR 3 per message.

Getting PNR Status Via WhatsApp

You can now get PNR Status updates directly on WhatsApp. You can either send your PNR number on ‘9881193322’ to get PNR train status delivered right into your WhatsApp.

About Railofy PNR Prediction

Railofy PNR Prediction will help you predict the chances of getting confirmed tickets. Prediction is done computed using data analytics and machine learning techniques based on various factors like past booking and cancellation trends, station quotas, days of the week, seasonality, holidays etc. Generally waiting list PNR Status during peak seasons like Durga puja (Dussehra), Diwali, Chhath, Holi etc has very low chances to get confirmed. This is due to a large number of commuters travelling to their hometowns. Even during these peak months flights and bus ticket prices zoom up. Using Railofy PNR Status check your PNR current status and also know the chances of getting your PNR status confirmed. If your PNR status has confirmation chances low on Railofy status(Prediction), it is advisable to search for alternates. Railofy also has the alternate feature which helps you to find all possible optimal options to reach your destination.

PNR Status Confirmation of different waitlist tickets

  • GNWL (General Waiting List) - Highest confirmation chances
  • CKWL/TQWL (Tatkal Waiting List) - GNWL tickets are preferred over Tatkal tickets hence CKWL Confirmation chances are low compared to GNWL
  • RLWL (Remote Location Waiting List) - Less chances of confirmation
  • PQWL (Pooled Quota Waiting List) - Less chances of confirmation, quota shared between several stations
  • RLGN (Remote Location General Waiting List) - Less chances of confirmation, when user books ticket under RLWL
  • RQWL (Request Waiting List) - Less chances of confirmation
  • RSWL (Roadside Station Waiting List) - Less chances of confirmation
PNR is an abbreviation for 'Passenger Name Record'. As the term suggests, when you book a ticket, an entry is created in your name and a 10-digit unique id is allotted against your transaction. This is your ‘PNR number’. This id is the key to figure out a variety of information about your train reservation. For instance, PNR status tells you if booking is confirmed or you’ll need to wait to get a seat if someone cancels their ticket. Apart from booking confirmation, you also get to know the details of the train coach and berth, the fare paid by you, and the departure and arrival date and timelines. What’s more, you can check the PNR status using your smartphone too. Below explains how you could do the same. Using PNR Number to check ticket details: It’s super easy to check your PNR Status. To check your reservation status, enter the PNR number in the search bar and the results of the search are mostly the following details:
Passenger and Ticket Details:
  • Information about the passenger such as their Name, Age, Gender, and Berth Preference
  • Ticket status showing CNF, RAC, or WL (these terms have been explained in detail below)
  • It mentions the coach and berth number
Payment and Train Details:
  • Reveals how much you paid for the ticket including the transaction id and the mode of payment
  • It also mentions the train number and name
  • The last bit of information will be about your boarding date and time and when the train is going to get you to your destination

Understanding IRCTC PNR Status Abbreviations

The abbreviations found on a PNR number status page or on a ticket could read alien and you might wonder what these terms mean? Here is help. Here’s a list of some abbreviated terms, their meaning and full forms that they stand for:
  • CNF - If you read this on your live PNR status, you’ve got a ‘Confirmed’ ticket
  • RAC - ‘Reservation Against Cancellation’ meaning that you are likely to get a reservation in case someone cancels to travel. You can board the train though
  • WL - ‘Waiting List’ meaning that you’re lined up to get a confirmed ticket only if one decides to cancel their booking. If the chart has been prepared and your IRCTC PNR status still says WL, you cannot board the train. There are other types of waiting lists as well including GNWL (General Waitlist), TQWL (Tatkal Waitlist), PQWL (Pooled Quota Waitlist), RLWL (Remote Location Waitlist), and NOSB (No Seat Berth)
  • CAN - Ticket Cancelled

For Train Ticket Booking and Live PNR Status Tracking


PNR status "CNF" means your ticket is confirmed. You have a reserved seat or berth on the train.
Yes, you can travel with a CNF (Confirmed) ticket. A CNF ticket indicates that your seat or berth reservation on the train has been confirmed, and you are allowed to board the train with this ticket.
To get updates on Whatsapp without any downloads. You need to send Whatsapp your PNR no to 9881193322. Or offline by visiting the railway station's inquiry counter.
If your PNR status is not confirmed and remains on the waiting list (WL) or reservation against cancellation (RAC), you may not have a confirmed seat. You can monitor your PNR status for updates or check for alternative trains.
The chances of an RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) ticket getting confirmed depend on various factors, including the route, train, and passenger cancellations. RAC passengers are provided with a seat and can travel, but it may or may not be converted to a full berth later if there are cancellations.
You can download your ticket from the PNR by logging into your IRCTC account and selecting the option to "View/Print" your ticket. This will provide you with a downloadable PDF version of your ticket.
To check train status on 139, you can call the Indian Railways' helpline number, 139, and follow the automated voice prompts to inquire about train schedules, current train status, and more.


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