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What is PNR Number?

PNR, standing for Passenger Name Record, is a unique computer-generated 10 digit numeric code that encapsulates all the vital details needed for booking and managing a passenger's journey on a train. This includes the passenger's name, station, reservation, and travel class information. The PNR number, generated by the train reservation system, plays a critical role in organizing & facilitating the passenger's travel arrangements. Checking your IRCTC PNR status is, therefore, essential in confirming these details.

What is PNR Status & Why is it Important?

Now that you know what is PNR Number, let’s understand the importance of IRCTC PNR check. Understanding your PNR status is a critical aspect of train travel in India for a multitude of reasons:
  1. Confirmation of Travel : It reveals the status of your ticket – whether it's confirmed, waitlisted, or under Reservation Against Cancellation (RAC), impacting your travel plans.
  2. Journey Planning : Knowing your train PNR status aids in efficient journey planning and making necessary adjustments.
  3. Seat and Berth Information : For confirmed tickets, pnr check provides precise seat and berth details.
  4. Cancellation and Refunds : Being aware of your IRCTC PNR status is vital for understanding cancellation procedures and refund eligibility, especially for waitlisted tickets.
  5. Group Travel Coordination : In group bookings, pnr enquiry ensures all members have confirmed seats or helps in modifying arrangements.
  6. Avoiding Penalties : Awareness of your PNR status enquiry can prevent fines associated with boarding on an unconfirmed ticket.
  7. Receiving Travel Updates : Your PNR status also keeps you informed about any changes in train schedules or other crucial travel alerts. With PNR, we can check the status of any upgradation or changes of PNR before the journey itself. In summary, knowing your PNR status ensures a smooth and well-informed train journey.

How to Check Train PNR Status Online?

Various methods are available for a quick and convenient IRCTC PNR check for your train ticket. Here are some popular ways:
  • Train PNR Status Enquiry using the app

  • Railofy’s mobile application facilitates an effortless way to monitor your PNR status railway ticket. The app not only updates your PNR status enquiry but also provides information about your reservation, coach position, and the train's platform number.
  • Check IRCTC PNR Status using SMS

  • Indian Railways provides two methods for a IRCTC PNR check for railway tickets. You can text '139', a dedicated 3-digit number by IRCTC, or send an SMS to 5676747 for direct updates on your train PNR status. Note that each message to these numbers costs INR 3.
  • Check Train PNR Status Online using WhatsApp

  • Receive updates on your 10 digit PNR status directly on WhatsApp. Simply send your PNR number to ‘9881193322’ for immediate updates on your WhatsApp.

PNR Status Check and Waitlist PNR Prediction of IRCTC

Indian Railway PNR status can be easily checked on Railofy by entering your 10-digit PNR number. Tickets on the waiting list indicate a reservation without a confirmed seat or berth, which might change before the train's departure. Railofy also offers a feature for predicting the confirmation chances of waitlisted tickets, making it a robust tool for PNR status prediction.

PNR Check Status Online on Festivals

During peak festival times like Holi, Durga Pooja, Diwali, Chhath, Eid, and Christmas, Railofy's train alternate feature becomes handy for securing confirmed tickets. You can book and instantly carry out PNR check on Railofy's upgraded platform, which is designed to handle increased festival traffic, ensuring a fast and smooth PNR status railway check.

Features & Benefits of Railofy IRCTC PNR Status

  1. Instant and Live Update of Your IRCTC Train Tickets : Experience real-time indian railway PNR number updates with Railofy, ensuring you're always informed about your train PNR status check. This feature keeps you in the loop about the PNR confirmation chance or PNR status prediction of your journey.
  2. PNR Status with Seat, Coach Position, and Platform Number : Railofy provides comprehensive train ticket status details, including seat allocation, coach position, and the platform number for your convenience. This level of PNR number check detail is essential for a seamless travel experience.
  3. PNR Prediction of Your Ticket and Confirmation Chances : Utilizing advanced analytics, Railofy offers PNR status predictions on your ticket or PNR confirmation chances, making it easier to plan your travels. This functionality is particularly useful during peak travel seasons.
  4. PNR Status with Passenger Names and Journey Details : Get a detailed view of your PNR status with name, including all passenger details and journey specifics, straight on your mobile device.
  5. PNR Tracking Chart Prepared Information and Last-Moment Updates Directly Delivered to Your Mobile App : Stay updated with last-minute changes and chart preparation information. Download the Railofy App for instant notifications about your PNR status live check on mobile.

Types of IRCTC PNR Status

The Indian Railway Catering & Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) offers a robust system for checking the Passenger Name Record (PNR) status, a crucial feature for passengers to understand their booking status on Indian Railways. The types of PNR status you might encounter include:
  1. CNF (Confirmed) - Your seat is confirmed, and the seat number will be available post chart preparation. You can check your CNF probability using the PNR enquiry feature easily. Despite the PNR or ticket being confirmed, the seat numbers in AC H1 class are allotted after charting only.
  2. RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) - You're allowed on the train with a seat, but a berth isn't guaranteed. But, if the final PNR status is RAC then IRCTC has a provision that the passenger will be sharing seats with co-pax, which may or may not be available for the entire journey.
  3. WL (Waitlist) - Your ticket is waitlisted. Boarding the train requires a confirmed seat through cancellations.
  4. GNWL (General Waitlist) - A general waitlist ticket with a higher confirmation probability.
  5. PQWL (Pooled Quota Waitlist) - Waitlisted tickets under a pooled quota for significant stations along a route
  6. RLWL (Remote Location Waitlist) - Waitlisted tickets for intermediate stations, typically under a separate quota.
  7. TQWL (Tatkal Quota Waitlist) - Waitlisted tickets under the Tatkal quota, usually with lower confirmation chances.
  8. CAN/MOD (Cancelled or Modified) - Indicates a cancellation or modification of the ticket
  9. NOSB (No Seat Berth) - A ticket for children below 12, not allocated a separate seat or berth.
  10. REL (Released) - An RAC or waitlisted ticket was moved to a different quota or class for confirmation. Understanding these statuses is vital for journey planning and making necessary arrangements.

How to Get a Confirmed PNR Status?

Securing a confirmed railway PNR status check involves several strategies:
  1. Book Early : Reserve tickets as soon as booking opens, typically 120 days in advance.
  2. Select Less Popular Trains : Choose trains with better seat availability.
  3. Be Flexible with Dates : Travel outside peak times like weekends and holidays.
  4. Use Tatkal Quota : Consider booking under the Tatkal quota, available a day before the journey
  5. Consider RAC or Waitlisted Tickets : These tickets have the potential to be confirmed with cancellations.
  6. Explore Alternative Routes or Trains : Look for routes or trains with more availability.
  7. Check Different Classes : Try different classes if one is full.
  8. Regularly Monitor PNR Status : Keep an eye on your PNR no status for PNR status prediction & PNR confirmation probability.
  9. Split Your Journey : Book tickets for different segments of your trip separately. These tips can notably enhance your chances of getting a confirmed ticket.

About Railofy PNR Prediction

Railofy's PNR Prediction uses data analytics and machine learning to estimate the likelihood of ticket ticket confirmation. Factors like past booking trends, station quotas, and seasonal variations are considered. During peak seasons like Durga Puja, Diwali, Chhath, and Holi, waitlisted PNR status number tickets have lower confirmation chances due to high demand. Railofy's feature for PNR enquiry not only updates you on the current PNR no status but also advises on the likelihood of train ticket confirmation. In cases where the chances are low, Railofy suggests alternate travel options, ensuring you reach your destination efficiently.

PNR Status Confirmation of Different Waitlist Tickets

  1. GNWL (General Waiting List) - Highest Confirmation Chances

  2. The General Waiting List, denoted as GNWL has the highest PNR confirmation probability. When you're holding a GNWL ticket, your chances of getting a confirmed seat are significantly higher.
  3. CKWL/TQWL (Tatkal Waiting List) - Priority Lower than GNWL

  4. CKWL or TQWL, which stands for Tatkal Waiting List, tends to have lower confirmation chances compared to GNWL. Since IRCTC train PNR status usually prioritizes General Waiting List tickets over Tatkal, CKWL tickets are less likely to get confirmed.
  5. RLWL (Remote Location Waiting List) - Limited Confirmation Probability

  6. Remote Location Waiting List, or RLWL, indicates a smaller likelihood of train ticket status turning into confirmed tickets, as this category is generally reserved for long-distance travel between major stations.
  7. PQWL (Pooled Quota Waiting List) - Shared Quota, Limited Chances

  8. PQWL, the Pooled Quota Waiting List, also has limited confirmation chances of PNR status. This quota is shared among several stations, making the probability of getting a confirmed ticket relatively low.
  9. RLGN (Remote Location General Waiting List) - Issued for RLWL Bookings

  10. When a user books a ticket under RLWL and moves to the waiting list, it becomes RLGN. The PNR confirmation chances for RLGN are generally on the lower side, similar to RLWL.
  11. RQWL (Remote Quota Waiting List) - Issued for Intermediate Stations

  12. Remote Quota Waiting List, or RQWL, are train tickets which are issued to passengers for intermediate stations. This is issued for 2 intermediate stations which are usually the most important cities on that route. These are waitlisted tickets which are given a separate priority & the confirmations are dependent on the cancellation of a destination confirmed ticket.
  13. RSWL (Roadside Station Waiting List) - Least Likely to Get Confirmed

  14. The Roadside Station Waiting List, or RSWL, is another category where the PNR status confirmation chances are quite low, primarily because these tickets are reserved for travellers boarding or deboarding at stations between the initial and final destinations.

Understanding Your PNR Number and Its Importance

PNR, short for 'Passenger Name Record', is a unique 10-digit ID linked to your train reservation. This number is essential for accessing various details about your journey. By checking your IRCTC train PNR status, you can ascertain whether your booking is confirmed or if you're on the waiting list. This PNR status confirmation also provides information about your coach and berth, the fare, and the schedule of your journey.

Using PNR Number to Check Ticket Details

It’s extremely simple to get PNR status & know your train ticket confirmation chances. Just enter your PNR number in the search bar, and you'll get details like:
  • Passenger and Ticket Details : Includes passenger information (Name, Age, Gender, Berth Preference) and train ticket status (CNF, RAC, or WL).
  • Payment and Train Details : The payment amount, transaction ID, train number, and name, along with boarding date and time, are revealed.

Understanding IRCTC PNR Status Abbreviations

These abbreviations on your ticket or PNR status can be confusing. Here's a quick guide:
  • CNF : A 'Confirmed' ticket. Seeing this on your PNR status check means you have a reserved seat.
  • RAC : 'Reservation Against Cancellation'. You can board the train, and you're likely to get a berth if there are cancellations.
  • WL : 'Waiting List'. You're in line for a confirmed ticket, subject to cancellations. Various WL types include GNWL, TQWL, PQWL, RLWL, and NOSB.
  • CAN : Indicates a cancelled ticket.
By understanding these categories and abbreviations, you can effectively track your PNR status and prepare for your journey accordingly.


PNR status "CNF" means your ticket is confirmed. You have a reserved seat or berth on the train.
Yes, you can travel with a CNF (Confirmed) ticket. A CNF ticket indicates that your seat or berth reservation on the train has been confirmed, and you are allowed to board the train with this ticket.
To get updates on Whatsapp without any downloads. You need to send Whatsapp your PNR no to 9881193322. Or offline by visiting the railway station's inquiry counter.
If your PNR status is not confirmed and remains on the waiting list (WL) or reservation against cancellation (RAC), you may not have a confirmed seat. You can monitor your PNR status for updates or check for alternative trains.
The chances of an RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) ticket getting confirmed depend on various factors, including the route, train, and passenger cancellations. RAC passengers are provided with a seat and can travel, but it may or may not be converted to a full berth later if there are cancellations.
You can download your ticket from the PNR by logging into your IRCTC account and selecting the option to "View/Print" your ticket. This will provide you with a downloadable PDF version of your ticket.
To check train status on 139, you can call the Indian Railways' helpline number, 139, and follow the automated voice prompts to inquire about train schedules, current train status, and more.
A Passenger Name Record or PNR status is a unique 10-digit code associated with a train ticket reservation. You can carry out PNR enquiry online on websites like IRCTC or Railofy, where you simply enter your PNR status 10 digit number to track the current PNR confirmation chance of your Indian railway PNR number.
A Confirmed (CNF) status in an IRCTC PNR status check means your seat has been confirmed, and you will be allocated a seat number after the chart preparation.
If your PNR status shows as WL (Waitlist), keep tracking your PNR status check online for updates. Your status might change to confirmed or RAC based on ticket cancellations.
You can track the PNR status of a waitlisted ticket by entering your 10-digit PNR number on IRCTC or Railofy's website. This helps in PNR status prediction & PNR confirmation probability of your ticket getting confirmed.
Yes, you can check your train ticket PNR status using various mobile apps like Railofy or through SMS services provided by IRCTC. Just send your PNR status 10 digit number to the designated number for railway ticket status updates.
If the passenger has bought the train ticket from the railway station, the PNR number can be easily found on the top left corner of the ticket. If the passenger booked a train ticket online then the PNR number is printed at the top of the ticket.
You can check the following information from the PNR status of your train ticket:
Yes. PNR can get confirmed but the probability of the confirmation will entirely depend on the number of cancellations done for that particular route.
You can cancel your booking using PNR number by following the steps mentioned below:
  1. Visit the official IRCTC webpage here
  2. Enter your PNR number and train number.
  3. Enter the captcha and check the provided box to confirm that you have read the rules and regulations.
  4. Click on the “Submit” button.
  5. You will receive an OTP on the mobile number submitted at the time of train ticket booking.
  6. Enter OTP and proceed by clicking on “Submit” button.
  7. Read the details and verify.
  8. Click on “Cancel Ticket” and you will be displayed the total refund amount.
  9. You will receive an SMS on the same mobile number with refund details.
You can verify your PAN status on whatsapp in no time. Send your PNR number to 9881193322 to verify and check your PNR status. Alternatively, you can either send a SMS or call 139 for PNR no check.
You can send a SMS with your PNR number to 139 and you will receive a message with a response of the same. Or else call 139 and follow the instructions on the IVR for PNR no check.
There is no fixed frequency of PNR updates. The frequency of PNR status updation depends on the specific events related to your train route & journey.
You can check canceled PNR status by following the steps mentioned below:
  1. Download the IRCTC Rail Connect official app from Google Play store or Apple App Store.
  2. Log in to your account on the app.
  3. Click on “My Transaction” available at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Click on “Cancelled Tickets”.
  5. Your canceled tickets will appear on the screen.
Following are the steps to check PNR status by SMS using your registered mobile number:
  1. Go to the SMS section/app on your mobile phone
  2. Type the 10-digit number (without hyphen)
  3. Send it to ‘139’. Alternatively, you can also send the SMS to 5676747
  4. You will receive PNR status by SMS on the same mobile number
You can check the PNR status on IRCTC official mobile app – IRCTC Rail Connect by following the steps mentioned below:
  1. Download and open the IRCTC Rail Connect app
  2. Click on “Train” button or icon to open train related services
  3. Click on “PNR Enquiry” button
  4. Enter your PNR number & click on “Search PNR” button
  5. You will be provided with the PNR status of your train ticket in the subsequent screen. This includes your journey date, train details, berth details, & train ticket confirmation.
To check train status on 139, you can call the Indian Railways' helpline number, 139, and follow the automated voice prompts to inquire about train schedules, current train status, and more.


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