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Adapting to the evolving needs of travelers, Railofy is making sure that it's services align with the demands of modern-day travel. With Railofy's comprehensive Train Running Status Service, passengers can now track their train's live status, find out about the delays & spot their train in real time Read More


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Top Restaurant Brands
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Curated for Hygiene and Quality
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100% Food Delivery Guarantee
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Hotplate by RAILOFY Kitchens
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FSSAI Certified
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Eco Friendly Packaging
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Live Train Running Status

What is Live Train Running Status?

Live train running status provides real-time updates on the current location and status of a train. This essential information includes whether the train is on time, delayed, or early, and its current position. By checking the train running status, passengers get accurate details about the expected time of arrival at upcoming stations and any changes affecting the train's schedule. This feature is incredibly useful for passengers preparing to board or for those awaiting the arrival of friends or family, as it allows them to alter their plans according to the current train running status.

IRCTC Live Train Running Status

Experience hassle-free travel with the IRCTC-approved live train running status from Railofy . For passenger convenience, IRCTC provides a live train running status for most of its trains. Using this feature, passengers can easily track the route and time taken by the train to travel between stations, along with the expected arrival and departure times at each stop. Simply enter the train number or name on Railofy to access real-time information from NTES. This includes updates on your train's live train running status, such as expected times, delays, and more, ensuring you always have the most current information.

How to Check Live Train Running Status Online?

To stay informed about the current train running status, you can check it through various methods:

Check Live Train Status by SMS

IRCTC simplifies the process of checking the train running status via SMS. Just know your train number and the STD code of your destination station. Compose a new message with AD XXXXX YYYY (XXXXX being the train number and YYYY the STD code) and send it to 139. You'll soon receive the PNR train running status update.

Check the Live Train Status on WhatsApp

Among various mobile apps offering live train running status, not all are IRCTC-approved, and their reliability might be questionable. However, Railofy, an IRCTC-approved provider, ensures credible, accurate, and real-time updates.

You can track your train by checking the live train status on Railofy’s WhatsApp bot. So, if you are wondering how to track my train location online, you only need to send your PNR number to 9881193322 on WhatsApp to check Indian railway running status.

The app also informs about delays, diversions, or route changes. Stay informed about your journey with Railofy's Live Train Running Status app, available for free on the App Store and Google Play. Whether you're an iOS or Android user, we've got you covered. Enhance your travel experience with our app, which is designed to keep you informed and prepared. Avoid surprises and take control of your travel plans with Railofy's Train Live Running Status on Map app.

Remember, whether it's checking the online train running status or tracking the train running status history, Railofy's app provides all the necessary information to make your train journey smooth and predictable. Download it today for a more informed and controlled journey!

Things to Know Before Checking Train Running Status Online

Checking the train running status online is a convenient method to remain informed about the current position of a train. When planning to check the train running status today, consider these essential factors:
  1. Train Number or Name: It's vital to know the precise train number or name for accurate train status live running status tracking.
  2. Reliable Source: Utilize official railway websites or authorized apps like IRCTC live train running status for the most current updates.
  3. Internet Connectivity: In today's time, a stable internet connection is crucial for uninterrupted updates about your train running status.
  4. Understanding the Information: Get familiar with terms such as 'expected arrival', 'delayed', and 'cancelled' to better comprehend the train running status.
  5. Station Codes: For effective tracking, especially for long-distance trains, know the station codes for your journey's key points.
  6. Real-time vs Scheduled Time: Differentiate between the scheduled timetable and the train running status live map appfor real-time updates.
  7. Alternative Options: In case of delays or cancellations, be aware of alternative transport methods.
  8. Notifications and Alerts: Look for features in apps like My Train running status that send notifications or alerts.
  9. Emergency Contact Numbers: Keep railway helpline numbers ready for any inquiries or reports.
  10. Check Coach Composition: Along with train live status, you can also check the coach composition of the train. It can be of extreme importance for you if you are traveling with family/ friends or any group and have multiple baggage as well.

NTES (National Train Enquiry System) Train Running Status Live

NTES, endorsed by IRCTC, is the authoritative platform for IRCTC live train statusupdates. It provides extensive coverage of train routes, offering real-time train running status for all major trains on Indian tracks.

Railofy collaborates with NTES, bringing you precise, real-time information on the IRCTC live train tracking. This includes delays, expected times, and platform details.

Where is My Train - Spot Your Train Online

To find the live train running status of your train, simply input the train name or number, date, and station of interest. The Railofy mobile app delivers precise, real-time updates, including actual and expected arrival/departure times at covered and upcoming stations, enriching your experience of tracking IRCTC train running status.

Why Check Train Running Status Online with Railofy?

  1. Instant Train Live Status Updates: Railofy elevates your travel experience by offering instant, real-time updates on the live train running status. This functionality or feature is invaluable for keeping track of any delays, cancellations, or the current position of your train, ensuring you're always in the loop.
  2. Seamless Accessibility: With Railofy's user-friendly platform, checking the online train running status becomes a task of utmost convenience. Whether you're using a smartphone or a computer, Railofy's online services are accessible from anywhere, eliminating the need to physically inquire at railway stations.
  3. Precision in Information: Leveraging data directly from the Indian Railway's databases, Railofy ensures that the information provided, be it the live train tracking or PNR live train running status, is highly accurate and reliable.
  4. Timely Notifications: Stay updated on the go with Railofy's notification services. These alerts, sent directly to your phone, keep you informed about the latest status of your train, adding another layer of convenience to your travel planning.
  5. User-Oriented Interface: Railofy's platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind. This makes checking the IRCTC train tracking or live train running status straightforward and hassle-free for all users.
  6. Comprehensive Rail Services: Railofy doesn't just stop at providing live train running status. It extends its offerings to include PNR status checks, seat availability, train schedules, and even alternative travel options in cases of train cancellations, making it a versatile tool for travel planning.
  7. Enhanced Travel Planning: Knowing the precise online train running status, ticket booking, and travel details allows for more effective journey planning. With Railofy, arranging pick-ups or making alternate travel plans in case of delays is much easier.
  8. Multi-Platform Functionality: Whether you prefer a web browser or a live train running status app, Railofy caters to all preferences. This multi-platform support ensures you can access Railofy's services in a way that suits you best.
  9. Integrated Travel Solutions: As an integrated platform, Railofy goes beyond just checking online train running status. It's linked with other essential travel services, making it a comprehensive solution for all your railway travel needs.

Railofy - Your All-in-One Rail Travel Solution

At Railofy, we are dedicated to enhancing your rail travel experience. Our goal is to streamline every aspect of your train journey, from IRCTC train running status checks to ticket booking, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable trip. We offer an extensive suite of services, all accessible under one roof.

Whether you're planning your trip or are already on the move, the Railofy mobile app is your reliable companion. It helps you track train running status with precision and provides real-time updates. This means that regardless of your location – whether you're onboard or waiting at the station – you're always informed about your train's whereabouts, its expected time of arrival and departure, and any delays or diversions, all updated live on the app.

Moreover, Railofy takes customer service to a new level. Apart from travel-related information, we also cater to your culinary needs. Our 'food in train' service allows you to order delicious meals from a range of top restaurants across major railway stations, delivered straight to your seat.

Train Running Status with High Accuracy and Real-time Updates on Railofy

Are you in search of a reliable train live status running status? Railofy is your trusted source for real-time, accurate train updates. Our mobile app is designed to provide you with up-to-the-minute information about your train's status, whether you're travelling or awaiting its arrival.

Details Come with Checking the Live Train Running Status

Railofy is committed to serving rail passengers comprehensively. We offer detailed train running status ticket booking and live updates, ensuring you're well-informed about your train's current and upcoming station timings. With Railofy, you get more than just live status; we provide essential details like coach positions, platform numbers, and PNR status updates well in advance of your arrival at the station.

In addition to checking the IRCTC train running status, Railofy's mobile app offers a range of services including ticket booking, PNR status checks, and the convenience of ordering food online from your favourite eateries like Haldirams, Subway, Bikanerwala etc. as you journey through different cities.

FAQs about Live Train Running Status:

Live train status means getting an accurate and real-time update on the actual arrival and departure times of the stations already covered and the expected arrival and departure times of the stations yet to be covered by the desired train.
You have several ways to check the live status of any IRCTC train. You may send a message to 139 and receive an update on SMS. You may also get the train-running status on your WhatsApp by sending your PNR number to 9881193322. Alternatively, you may visit the Railofy website, enter the train number, and get updated on the live train status.
Yes, Railofy is an app approved by the IRCTC to provide real-time and highly accurate updates on the live train running status.
The live train running status will tell you the current position of the train, the actual arrival and departure times of the stations already covered, and the expected arrival and departure times of the stations yet to be covered by your train.
Just enter your PNR number and send the message to Railofy WhatsApp number 9881193322. Within moments, you will receive the live train status along with the current location of the train.
The Railofy app not only allows you to see the actual arrival and departure times of the stations already covered but also the expected arrival and departure times of the stations yet to be covered by the desired train.
Yes, Railofy offers a live train running status that tracks the delay of trains in real-time with very high accuracy.
Yes, you may use the train number or train name to check the status via SMS. Just go to ‘Compose New Message' and type in AD XXXXX YYYY, where XXXXX is the five-digit train number and YYYY is the STD code of the city. Send this message to 139, and you will receive an update soon.
The Railofy app is approved and authorized by Indian Railways and the IRCTC. Hence, the information provided on the live train running status is highly accurate and real-time as well.
The live train status on Railofy works on a real-time basis.
If you are using the Railofy app or website, then you don’t need to have an IRCTC account to check the live train status.
The live train status information is available for all express and mail trains operating under IRCTC, which includes Rajdhani, Shatabdi, and Tejas trains.
Yes. The Railofy app gives you the complete route map along with a list of all the stoppages of the train you are looking for.
The Railofy app gives you the arrival and departure times at each station along the train route. This gives you a clear idea about the stoppage time of the train at each station.
ETD stands for “Expected Tome of Departure” of your train.
ETA stands for “Expected Tome of Arrival” of your train.
Yes, Railofy provides you with a complete route map along with a list of all stations, the distance between them, the arrival and departure times, and the halts at each station.
In addition to live train running status, Railofy provides information on the coach position and the platform number where the train will arrive at your station.
The live status of trains updates passengers in real-time on the train's current spot and its punctuality - whether it's on schedule, lagging, or ahead. Vital for travelers ready to embark or those expecting a train, this feature helps them tweak their plans efficiently.
To use the train live running status on map feature, simply enter your train number or name into the Railofy mobile app. This will show real-time updates of your train's position on a map, along with expected arrival and departure times at each station.
Yes, IRCTC has made it possible to find my train and check the train running status via SMS. Send a message with the format AD XXXXX YYYY (where XXXXX is the train number and YYYY is the STD code) to 139. For WhatsApp, use an IRCTC-approved app like Railofy to receive reliable updates.
Before you check train running status online, ensure you know the exact train number or name. Use reliable sources like the IRCTC website or authorized apps, ensure a stable internet connection, and understand key terms such as 'expected arrival' and 'delayed'. Knowing station codes and considering time zones are also important.
Railofy offers instant, real-time updates, a user-friendly interface, and accurate information directly from Indian Railway's databases. It provides timely notifications, comprehensive rail services including IRCTC train status, PNR status checks, seat availability, and alternative travel options, making it a versatile tool for all your railway travel needs.
The delay or on-time information is calculated on the basis of train live location and the ETA at the upcoming station. For instance, during live train tracking if the train has reached point A of the journey 30 minutes prior than estimated then it would reach point B 30 minutes prior as well. So, the current train status can help us calculate the ETA and check if the train is on-time or delayed.
To know where’s my train or check ETA of any train online, you can easily visit Railofy website and navigate to the “Train Running Status” section from the menu navigation & follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Click on the “Train Running Status” section in the header menu navigation.

Step 2: Enter your train number and click on “Check Live Status” button to spot your train live.

Step 3: In the subsequent screen, you will get all the information around your train. You will be able to check the Arrival & Departure time from each station of the journey and will also get information about the ETA as well based on the train live location and ETA at the upcoming station.
Based on the positive reviews by frequent travelers, the Railofy app is one of the highest rated Indian Railways apps for online train tracking, check live train status, order food in train, PNR status, book tickets and much more.
To spot my train and check current train status and know if the train is rescheduled or not, kindly visit Railofy official website or app and navigate to the “Train Running Status” section. You can search using the train name or number and spot your train live & check train running information. The information includes the live location and real time information about any train.
Follow the steps provided below to spot your train online and check where is your train:
Visit Railofy official website or download Railofy official app to spot your train and check live train tracking.
A GPS device is installed on the locomotive of every train that helps push/pull the train. Whenever the train leaves any station, the device tracks the information and shares it across with the upcoming stations. This enables us to track train status online easily. Apart from that railways have their own OFC network setup at every station and integrated with GAGAN, NavIC, IRNSS & GNSS system and that provides us seamless status of trains.
Railways use a system through which they update the location of the train when it passes through the next station. On the other hand, Railofy uses a system and track your train location real-time with GPS. This means Railofy provides a superior service to track train location especially when train increases speed to catch up or is stuck between 2 stations due to signaling delays.
To check diverted train running status, we can check the official IRCTC website or visit Railofy official website or mobile app. You can check train running status by entering the train name or number.
You can check the train running history by visiting the official NTES enquiry portal. You will be required to enter the train number and the time period or date range for which you want to check the train running history status.
Passengers can call 139 to check train running status in no time. But, as it is not a toll free number, users will be charged a standard fee ₹2/ minute for calling 139. If you are unable to connect to 139 or want to avail the service for free, you can opt for USSD service as well to know more about your IRCTC live train status.
Users can carry out IRCTC train tracking frequently to check the boarding time, deboarding time, halt timing, distance covered/ yet to be covered, time required to reach destination, delays, train schedule etc.


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