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Bulk Food Order in Train for Groups

Bulk Food Order in Train for Groups

Travelling with Friends, Family or Group in the Train? Order Bulk Food for Your Train Journey with RAILOFY!


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With Railofy, ordering food on the train is as easy as streaming on Netflix. Enhance your train journey with Railofy's online food ordering service. You will be delighted by the variety of delicious meals offered through our railway food order platform. Learn how to place an online food order on the Read More

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Rinku Yadav


Dawat E Jashn, Bhopal (BPL), 12721 DAKSHIN EXP

Delicious foods awesome

Mithlesh Sharma


Hotplate Express - Thalis & Combos Starting At 90, Vijayawada (BZA), 08420 BBS LTT SUMR SPL

Quality food at reasonable price. Packaging was also great.

D naresh


Hotplate Express - Thalis & Combos Starting At 90, Vijayawada (BZA), 06565 SMVB MLDT SPL

Package is very well and delivery boy service good and food is super but quantity have to little bit more no as sufficient as like me


May 29, 2024 08:25 AM to May 30, 2024 07:01 PM

Gaurab kumar Ordered Food in train at Itarsi (ET) in VSG PATNA EXP for 225
Poorwa jain Ordered Food in train at Itarsi (ET) in JHELUM EXPRESS for 245
Zahid anwar Ordered Food in train at Moradabad (MB) in CPR SUMMER SPL for 420
Aravind Ordered Food in train at Ratnagiri (RN) in NETRAVATI EXP for 450
Akanksha tiwari Ordered Food in train at Prayagraj Jn (PRYJ) in PURI NDLS SPL for 220
Sounak Bhowmick Ordered Food in train at Prayagraj Jn (PRYJ) in PURI NDLS SPL for 220
Karthik Ordered Food in train at Itarsi (ET) in MNGLA LKSDP EXP for 180
T Ramarao Ordered Food in train at Manmad (MMR) in SNSI COA EXPRESS for 225
Pritam Sharma Ordered Food in train at Bhusaval (BSL) in PNBE BDTS SF EX for 350
Subrata Talukdar Ordered Food in train at Nasik Road (NK) in GITANJALI EXP for 340
Anant Marak Ordered Food in train at Varanasi (BSB) in MARUDHAR EXP for 220
sankar maity Ordered Food in train at Prayagraj Jn (PRYJ) in PURI NDLS SPL for 410
Bhanu patel Ordered Food in train at Manmad (MMR) in GKP LTT EXP for 190
Aditya dewedi Ordered Food in train at Panipat (PNP) in UNCHAHAR EXP for 250
sanjay gupta Ordered Food in train at Kanpur Central (CNB) in CHITRAKOOT EXP for 255
Amjad Khan Ordered Food in train at Jabalpur (JBP) in MAHANAGARI EXP for 430
Charnjit Ordered Food in train at Balharshah (BPQ) in NZM DURONTO EXP for 250
ANUP KUJUR Ordered Food in train at Kanpur Central (CNB) in CHITRAKOOT EXP for 210
Shivam Singh Ordered Food in train at Vijayawada (BZA) in SMVB DNR SPL for 255
Raviteja Ordered Food in train at Itarsi (ET) in RKMP MYS SPL for 415

Get All the Delicacies at Your Seat with Railofy

Are you a regular traveller on India's expansive rail network? Are you tired of the monotonous and unappetising rail catering meals often served aboard? There's good news! A novel service now allows you to easily order food on the train , bringing a diverse range of culinary delights directly to your seat.
This innovative service lets passengers order food on the train online from various popular restaurant partners and eateries, delivering right to their compartments. No longer are you restricted to the usual rail food; indulge in your favourite flavours while travelling.
The process of how to book food in train is straightforward. Simply access the dedicated online website or app , input your travel details like your 10-digit PNR number, choose the railway station for food delivery, and select from many restaurant partners. You can make online payments conveniently with the availability of the added option to choose COD (cash on delivery).
With this service, a gastronomic journey awaits as you travel by Indian Railways. Whether you are craving Non veg, Veg food, Veg thali, Biryani, Jain thalis, or pizza delivery in train, your options are now limitless. This service is accessible nationwide, ensuring that no matter your destination, a satisfying meal is just a few clicks away.", your options are now limitless. This service is accessible nationwide, ensuring that no matter your destination, you can book a meal in train without any hassles.
Prioritizing food quality and hygiene, meals are prepared with the utmost care and packed in secure, tamper-proof, eco-friendly packaging, ensuring they reach you hot, fresh and delicious.

How to Order Food on Train Using Railofy?

Online food order in train offers a novel & excellent approach. Embark on a delightful train journey, not just through picturesque landscapes but also through a culinary adventure. Gone are the days of settling for less than appetising train food.. Now, order food on train online conveniently from your seat.
There are multiple ways to order food on train:
  • Through a Mobile App:

    Download the dedicated Railofy app, sign up, and place your order using your train details.

  • Via the Official Website:

    Browse through the meal options on the website and pay online for your preferred choice.

  • Phone Order:

    Call us on 7441111266 provide your train details, choose your meal, and opt for cash on delivery.

Whether you're a lone traveller or accompanied by companions, satiating your cravings is now hassle-free. Enjoy a range of dishes, from local specialities to global cuisine, all while relaxing in your train seat. Embrace this new way of dining during your rail journeys, transforming them into a more enjoyable experience.

What are the Benefits of Ordering Food in Train Online Using Railofy?

Transform your train journey into a gourmet experience with the convenience of food delivery in train right from your train seat. This service is a game-changer for IRCTC travellers, offering numerous advantages that enhance the travel experience. The highlight is the superior quality of meals delivered directly to your compartment. We collaborate with only the best restaurants, such as renowned food brands including Dominos, Haldirams, KFC etc., ensuring that every meal is a delightful experience, prepared and served under strict hygienic conditions.

Advantages of Choosing Online Meal Booking on Trains

Booking meal in train has several advantages.You can now make the most of railway online food order and enjoy this seamless convenience with these noteworthy advantages.
  • Quality Food Onboard:

    Enjoy best restaurant-quality meals, with each dish meeting stringent food quality and hygiene standards, ensuring a delightful and safe dining experience.

  • Economical Pricing:

    Relish your preferred dishes such as paneer masala, veggie special pizza, or veggie cheese grilled sandwich at budget-friendly prices. Various options cater to different budgets, making it a cost-effective choice for those seeking satisfying food during their journey.

  • Direct Delivery to Your Seat:

    Our efficient delivery service helps you book train food online & brings your orders right to your seat. . There's no need to leave your compartment in search of food.

  • User-Friendly Ordering Process:

    Placing your order food in train online is a breeze. Use either the website, app or WhatsApp (7441111266), with a straightforward interface that makes ordering food on train online simple.

  • Comprehensive Customer Support:

    Our dedicated customer service is available 24 x 7 to help with any inquiries or issues, making your experience smooth and enjoyable.

  • Multiple Payment Options:

    Choose from online payment or cash-on-delivery for greater flexibility.

  • Hassle-Free Cancellation:

    Changed your plans? Cancel your order easily through our order tracking system.

  • Bulk Orders Made Easy:

    Planning a group journey? Place bulk orders effortlessly, with special pricing for large bulk food orders.

What Types Of Food Can Train Passengers Order Using Railofy?

While travelling, passengers can select from an extensive menu, including
  • A variety of thalis: paneer roti combo, egg curry roti combo, veg fried rice, and jain thalis.

  • A range of biryanis for both veg and non-veg lovers such as chicken dum biryani, and vegetable pulao.

  • Chinese combos for a taste of the Orient.

  • An assortment of sweets, including popular items like Haldirams Orange Burfi or hot gulab jamun.

  • A wide array of Indian cuisines: North Indian: aloo paratha, raj kachori, chole bhature, South Indian: masala dosa, Gujarati, and more.

  • A selection of beverages, both hot and cold, to complement your meal.

Food Options to Order Online in Train

Experience a culinary journey while travelling on trains with a myriad of dining options & renowned brands like dominos, haldirams, kfc etc.. Our service brings an extensive menu right to your seat, offering choices from Chinese to South Indian, North Indian delicacies, a variety of biryanis, assorted thalis, tempting sweets, and refreshing beverages. This wide-ranging menu caters to all palates and dietary needs, ensuring every traveller finds something to relish.

Why Choose Railofy?

When it comes to enjoying hygienic and high-quality meals on your train journey, look no further. We pride ourselves on having delivered over a million meals, garnering an impressive rating from a vast number of satisfied customers. Our service, in collaboration with the IRCTC railway catering authority, brings together top food brands allowing you to savour everything from pizzas with your chosen toppings to a variety of momos and other cuisines, all from the comfort of your train seat.

Which is the Best App to Order Food in Train?

In search of the ultimate app to order food on the train online? Our website & app is recognized as the leading train food delivery app in India. Catering to vegetarian and non-vegetarian preferences, we offer an array of meals from reputable restaurants alongside snacks, drinks, and desserts.
Compatible with both iOS & Android devices, our app is easily downloadable from the Apple iOS or Google Play Store. Simply download, create an account, and embark on a seamless food ordering experience in train. Our app provides the easiest and most convenient way to order delicious food in train online.
So, don't delay; download today and elevate your train dining experience.

Tips to Order Food in Train Online

  1. Prepare Early:

    To enjoy a diverse menu, it's recommended to place your train food order at least 1 hour before the station where you wish to enjoy your meal. This preparation ensures you won't miss out on special local dishes and broader culinary options.

  2. Select the Right Service:

    When deciding how to order food in train, it's crucial to choose IRCTC ecatering platforms that partner with FSSAI-approved restaurants. This ensures your meals are not only delicious but also meet high standards of food hygiene and safety.

  3. Seize Deals and Discounts:

    Keep an eye out for special offers when you order food in train online. To stay updated on exclusive discounts and promotions, don't forget to sign up for offers via email on our website or mobile app. These discounts can significantly enhance your dining experience without stretching your budget.

  4. Convenience of Online Payment:

    Opt for online payment including UPI, credit card, debit card, net banking etc as per your convenience when youorder food on train online to ensure a smooth, secure transaction, freeing you from the hassle of handling cash during your journey.

  5. Accuracy in Booking:

    Be meticulous in entering details to avoid common mistakes, ensuring your food order in train is processed accurately.

IRCTC food order service

This platform redefines the dining experience on trains, allowing passengers to effortlessly order food on trains online from a selection of top restaurants and brands including Subway, Haldirams, Bikanerwala & more.. With a focus on quality, affordability, & customer satisfaction, this service makes mealtime on your journey a highlight.

How do you order food online via the train number?

To order food on train online, simply enter your PNR number or train name and travel date. This will allow the system to fetch your journey details. Then, select your boarding station and choose from an array of menu options provided by different restaurants. This streamlined process makes it easy to order food in train.

List of Railway Stations Where We Deliver Food in Train

Our extensive network ensures that whether you're in a major city or travelling across the country, you can easily order food in train online. With a presence in over 50+ railway stations nationwide, your favourite local or international dishes are just a few clicks away when you order food on train online.


You can order food online in trains by accessing the Railofy train food service app or website, entering your PNR or train details, and selecting your meal.

Yes, you can order food on train online for a wide range of 50+ stations listed in the service's network.

When you order food in train, options include Non-veg, veg food, including veg thali, biryani, jain thalis, pizza delivery in train, jain food in train, etc.

Yes, discounts are often available when you order food in train online. You can sport the lucrative offers on the website. However, for regular updates related to discounts you can sign up on Railofy by submitting your email id in the Offers section.

For group orders, select the 'Bulk Order' option when you order food in train to raise a Bulk order request. Railofy Hotplate Customer Care team will contact you for custom menu and pricing options.

If you are looking for the best food delivery in train, then look no further! Railofy's e-catering service enables travellers to book train food online. Passengers have the option to pre-order or request food items from top cuisines ultimately ensuring convenient & varied food options while travelling by train.

Placing railway online food orders at Railofy is easy.

  1. Download the Railofy app, sign up & share your train details.
  2. Gauge through the meal options & place order via app.
  3. Visit the Railofy website, choose your train details correctly & opt from the available meal options.
  4. To place the order, make an online payment or you can also choose to pay via COD (Cash On Delivery).
You have the option to call and place your order as well. Call Railofy at 7441111266, provide your train details, choose your meal and select cash on delivery.

Visit the Railofy website, choose your train details correctly & opt for the available meal options. Make an online payment to place the order.

Download the Railofy app, sign up & share your train details. Check out the meal options & place the order via the app. Initiate online payment to finally place your order.

Call Railofy at 7441111266, share your train details, select your meal and choose cash on delivery.

You can send your food order to our WhatsApp number on 7441111266. Our team is available 24/7 making sure that your food delivery on the train is convenient.

There is no minimum booking amount required to place an order.

Railofy sends confirmation details via email or WhatsApp. You can check your email and messages for communications regarding the confirmation of your food order as well as for live order tracking.

Yes. Even if you are waitlisted, you can easily order food on train.

Make use of your unique order ID & registered mobile number on the order tracking page of Railofy’s website or app for food track IRCTC services. Simply click on “submit” and the status of your order will be immediately displayed.

Food cancellations at Railofy are as easy as placing an order. However, you need to cancel your IRCTC food booking up to 2 hours before scheduled delivery time.

Refunds for cancelled Railofy orders are processed instantly by Railofy, however they make take upto 7 working days to reflect in your account depending on your Bank and payment mode. Bulk orders follow a similar policy, credited to the customer's account or agent based on the booking method.

Yes. You can order your food hassle-free.

You can access your order history and rate the order. You can also share your feedback on customer.support@railofy.com.

Yes. Travellers can order IRCTC online food on the train without PNR. They can use the station or train number or name.

Yes, you can order when you are inside the train upto 1 hour before your train’s arrival at your chosen delivery railway station.

Once you have your order history in front of you, you can select the order you want to review and write comments and rate via stars. You can also review Railofy Hotplate on Google Play Store or Apple AppStore.

You have to place the order 1 hour before the train arrival time at your chosen railway station.

When ordering in large quantities, you can get custom prices and menu by placing a ‘Bulk Order’ request.

Zomato delivers food to your train seat; order through the app specifying train number and seat details.

Swiggy doesn't conduct train deliveries directly to trains, but orders can be made to stations if the stop exceeds 10 minutes.


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