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Train coach position is the sequence number of a train coach from the engine. Check coach position of your train in advance online on Railofy. Enter the train name or number in the box & check IRCTC coach position instantly. Read More


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Coach Position

Discovering the train coach position on Indian Railways has traditionally been a crucial element in ensuring a smooth and organised travel experience for passengers. Over time, the lack of easy information about coach positions created significant challenges, leading to confusion, delays and overcrowding when boarding. With the rise of technology and digital solutions like Railofy, passengers can now easily check and determine their coach position and seat position before boarding, mitigating the aforementioned challenges. Let's take a deeper dive into the importance of coach location in train and how technological advancements can be a viable solution to these long-standing problems in the Indian Railways system.

What is a Coach Position?

The train coach position signifies the order & arrangement in which coaches or bogies are joined to the train by providing detailed coach location specifics within the train and the type of coach it is. The passengers need to find out their railway coach position. The explanation lies in the fact that the identification of the train coach position helps steer clear of confusion while boarding & elevates journey planning. Determining the Indian railways coach position can help passengers make informed decisions, cut down on hassles and help them enjoy a smooth journey. This is relevant information also because it streamlines the boarding process, allowing passengers to travel effectively and conveniently.

How to Check Train Coach Position on Railofy?

Follow these easy steps to check the coach position:
  1. Navigate to the Railofy website or download the Railofy app from either Google Play or App Store.
  2. Once you have the website in front of you, navigate to the “Coach Position” section.
  3. You will see a search box displayed in front of you. Herein, you can find the coach position by PNR or the train number.
  4. Add your train number or PNR number to find out about the IRCTC coach position.
  5. Click on "Search", and your coach position will be displayed on your computer or mobile screen, along with the details of the placement and type of each coach.
By executing these steps, you can check your train coach position IRCTC without any issues.

Classification of Indian Coaches

Indian Railways employs 2 types of coaches. The first one being is ICF (Internal Coach Factory) & the second one is LHB (Linke Hofmann Busch) coaches. These coaches further offer a variety of travel classes encompassing different seating or berth arrangements based on the class.
ICF coaches are particularly the traditional railway bogies that are seen across trains in India.
LHB coaches have passenger compartments of Indian Railways, which were engineered by Linke-Hofman-Busch of Germany. These coaches are crafted with a travel velocity of up to 160 km/h kept in mind; however, they could go up to 200 km/h. Nevertheless, it has been tested for up to 180 km/h till now.

Types of Travel Classes

Here's the list of different types of travel classes on its coaches, with different patterns of seating or berths, etc, by India Railways:
  1. 1A-AC First Class
    This is an expensive class where the fares are equivalent to the airfare. The coach constitutes 8 cabins (including 2 coupes) in the full AC First Class coach & 3 cabins (including 1 coupe) in the half AC AC First Class coach. This AC coach only graces popular routes & can carry 18 passengers in full coach and 10 passengers in half coach. The sleeper berths are extremely spacious and carpeted, and they also offer sleeping accommodations along with personal coupes.
  2. 2A-AC Two Tier
    There are eight bays of sleeping berths in this air-conditioned coach. With curtains along the gangway or hallway, the berths are often set up in two tiers in bays of six, with four berths across the coach's width and two berths longways on the other side. Included in the fare is bedding. A full coach can accommodate 48 passengers, whereas a half coach can accommodate 20 passengers.
  3. 3A-AC Three Tier
    These are the coaches with 64 sleeping beds and air conditioning. The typical arrangement of berths is similar to what you see in 2AC but with two longways and three tiers across the width, creating eight bays of eight. They often don't have reading lamps or gangways that are curtained off, and they are marginally less furnished. The fare includes bedding. Each coach can hold 64 passengers.
  4. FC First Class
    This class resembles 1AC, however is without air conditioning. There is no option for bedding and the beds aren’t as spacious as the ones in 1 AC. There is a coach attendant present there for the passenger’s help. This class was eliminated. However, some vintage trains have this class operational.
  5. 3E-AC Three-Tier (Economy)
    These air conditioned coaches with sleeping berths are present in Garib Rath Express trains.The berths are usually arranged as 3A, but are three levels wide and three levels long. They are slightly less well-equipped and often do not have reading lights or curtained corridors. Bed linen is not included in the price.
  6. EC- Executive Chair Car
    This air-conditioned coach has expansive seats along with legroom. With a total of 4 seats in a row, this coach is majorly considered by passengers who want to travel on time. This class is accessible through Tejas Express & Shatabdi Express trains.
  7. CC-AC Chair
    Another air-conditioned seater coach that has 5 seats in a row and is used for day travel between cities.AC double-decker seater coaches are available in Double Decker Express.
  8. Sleeper Class
    Sleeper class is the most popular coach variant in the Indian Railways and that it why you can find 10 or more sleeper class coaches attached to the train.These are regular sleeper coaches, three beds wide and two beds long, without air conditioning. Each coach can carries 72 passengers.
  9. Second Seater
    Similar to CC, there is no air conditioning. These non-AC double-decker coaches have been introduced in some Mumbai-Pune trains and Flying Ranee. However, Flying Ranee is the only train that uses non-AC double-decker seating coaches.
  10. UR/GEN-Unreserved/General
    This is the most budget-friendly accommodation. You can anticipate these coaches to be overcrowded because of the lower costs catering to all categories of people. Hence, seats are not guaranteed. The tickets bought for this class are valid on any train that follows the same route if stepped onto within 24 hours of buying the ticket.

Why is the train coach position important?

It is paramount to learn of the Indian Railways coach position for multiple reasons. First & foremost, it allows passengers to find their allotted coach without any hassle by reducing disorder & haste at the time of boarding. Acquainting yourself with a railway coach position enables a better journey and choice of coach based on the facilities available.
Additionally, familiarizing yourself with the rail bogie position can also ensure a smooth boarding process and reduce delays & overcrowding on platforms. Besides, finding out the coach seat position ensures safety by stopping the passengers from getting on the wrong coaches. Moreover, it is safe to state that you should know berth position in train for a comfortable, organized and hassle-free travel experience.

Coach Position FAQs

A train coach position pertains to the precise location of a passenger's coach within a train's sequence of coaches.
You can find coach position IRCTC through electronic display boards at the stations, inquire about the Indian Railways coach position at the station's information desk and via Railofy. To determine your local train coach position with the assistance of Railofy, you have to type either your train or PNR number, and the results will be displayed on your screen.
Railofy is a great train compartment position app. To check your coach seat position using Railofy, follow the simple steps given below:
  • Open the Railofy website or Railofy app. If you want to download the Railofy app, you can either use Google Play or the App Store.
  • On the website, navigate to the “Coach Position” section.
  • As you see a search box in front of you, type your train or PNR number to find out your IRCTC coach position.
  • Click on “Search” and here you go. You have your coach position by PNR and train number in front of you.
It is important to find out coach position and seat position for passengers for easy identification of their allotted coach, plan their station arrival properly and avoid any kind of confusion at the time of boarding.
2S in a train is a second seating, a class that constitutes basic seating arrangements excluding berths or sleeper facilities.
Yes, all train coaches are interconnected, and passengers have the option to approach the pantry car by strolling through the coaches.
Train coach seat positions related information is generally dependable but it is recommended to verify once at the station, or through other railway sources like Railofy.
In case your coach number does not appear on the list of coach positions, we recommend connecting with railway authorities or checking with the station staff to provide support.
Yes, finding out bogie position of train through SMS or phone is very easy. You just have to send and SMS with your PNR number or call 139 which is the Indian Railways inquiry number.
If you are unable to find your coach number on the train ticket, do not worry. You can go for a train coach position enquiry by calling the number 139 to find it. You can call or drop a message with your PNR number. Another way to determine train coach position at station is by gauging through the position chart on the train.
You can learn about your etrain info coach position either by calling on 139 or by dropping an SMS on the same number constituting your PNR number. Another way would include taking the help of the Railofy app. You can either visit the official website or download the Railofy app. Once that is done, add your PNR number or train coach number and click on "Search". You will now have your coach position for train displayed in front of you.
2S is the second seating, and 2A indicates the second AC, a class that offers air conditioners for a comfortable experience.
Railofy is the best app to check coach status in train online. Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, Railofy app is easily downloadable from the respective app stores.
You are simply required to download the app, create an account and embark on a seamless journey of checking Indian train coach position. Navigate to the “Coach Position” section, provide details like train coach number or PNR number to find coach position of train.
There are various ways to find out coach position online as well as offline:

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