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Runs on :
15 Jul, Mon
15 Jul, Mon
Total Stops
09:30 AM
Chart preparation occurs 4 hours before departure. For early morning trains, chart is prepared the night before.


Encounter the prestigious CSMT REWA SF SPL (02188) train journey stretching across 1235 km from C SHIVAJI MAH T to REWA in just 19hr 25min. This Indian Railway is known for making 17 stops, drawing in numerous Bharat travellers. Railofy will assist you and share comprehensive train information encompassing coach compositions and smart recommendations for confirmed reservations. You can enjoy Railofy’s Hotplate service, and indulge in freshly made dishes directly delivered to your seats. show less

CSMT REWA SF SPL 02188 Schedule, Routes & Time Table

CSMT REWA SF SPL (02188) runs from C SHIVAJI MAH T to REWA. It covers a total distance of 1235Km in 19hr 25min. The train makes 17 stops in its entire journey. The train journey is one the most important and iconic routes of all train routes in India. It is a popular Indian Railway train and thousands of bharat travellers book this train for their travel needs!

02188 CSMT REWA SF SPL time table & reviews

CSMT REWA SF SPL - 02188 has 19 coaches. You can also get information about your coach position.

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CSMT REWA SF SPL - 02188 Ratings and Review

Time Table/ Train Enquiry/ Train Schedule

An efficient transportation system is the lifeline for progress and development in the modern age of bustling cities and interconnected civilisations. Among these, the Indian Railways network is the robust backbone connecting places and people like never before.
At the heart of this intricate web of tracks and trains lies the most important tool—the timetable or train schedule. Crafted meticulously, a train timetable or schedule precisely tracks the movement of countless trains and carriages.
So whether you are travelling by the CSMT REWA SF SPL train on the CSMT REWA SF SPL route or any other train on any other route, one quick look at the train schedule is enough to help you spot your train and plan your journey from the comfort of your space.
Read on to find out all about the 02188 train time table and how you can find out the 02188 train schedule anywhere on the CSMT REWA SF SPL route by a simple process of generating the 02188 train enquiry.
The best part is that this intricate and precise system is not only applicable to the CSMT REWA SF SPL train. Rather, it can be applied to track and inquire about the schedule of any train run by the Indian railways, and you will get the same precise results every time. So go ahead and give it a shot with the 02188 train enquiry.

02188 Train Enquiry

The train enquiry is a state-of-the-art service provided by the Indian Railways via the IRCTC platform or authorised third-party partners such as Railofy. Passengers can input their train names or numbers to get the latest inputs on their train schedules and timetables.
By conducting a simple 02188 train enquiry on Railofy, you can get detailed information about the following:
  • Train route and schedules
  • Train running days
  • Type of train
  • Charting time
  • Coach composition and seat layout
  • Current train status (such as delays or cancellations)
  • Total stops and station details, including - arrival time, station name, halt duration, departure time
  • Platform information
  • Stations where you can order food delivery
If you want to carry out 02188 train enquiry, here are the steps to follow:
  • Access the Railofy Website or App
  • Navigate to the Train Enquiry Section
  • Enter either of the two CSMT REWA SF SPL 02188 in the search bar field
  • Click on the "Search" button to initiate the enquiry.
  • Railofy will then display all the details of the 02188 train, including the current status, departure and arrival times, 02188 train route map, any delays, stops and other relevant information.
  • You will also be able to check for updates on whether the train is running late or if there are any changes to its schedule through Railofy’s real-time updates.
  • Enquiry also helps you check CSMT REWA SF SPL train seat availability, helping you easily plan your journey.

02188 Train Schedule

The train schedule is a detailed timing and routing of a particular train service. It indicates the days on which a train runs and the timings for the same. Through the schedule you can find the charting time of the train and its journey duration.
Train schedules are designed by railway authorities to ensure the efficient operation of train services. These provide passengers with a reliable framework for planning their journeys.
If you want to check the 02188 train schedule, follow the same process as mentioned above for train enquiry, and you will get a detailed train schedule.

02188 Train Time Table

A train timetable elaborately lists the schedules of all trains operating on a specific railway network or route. Through the train timetable, you can get comprehensive information about the timing of trains, including departure and arrival times, as well as details about the stations they serve.
You can further check the time table of a single train such as the 02188 train time table through the 02188 train enquiry as mentioned above. This query will yield results indicating the number of halts the train will have, the time and duration of each halt, and also the distance the train will travel between two halts.
If you check the 02188 train time table on Railofy you will also get inputs on where you can order food delivery on the train.

Why Choose Railofy for 02188 CSMT REWA SF SPL Enquiry?

You can choose Railofy because of the following advantages of using this platform:
  • Real-Time Updates: Railofy is an IRCTC-approved partner, and hence all information on the 02188 train schedule and 02188 train route is in real-time. Check departure and arrival times, delays, cancellations, and platform changes, if any, with the latest and timely updates on Railofy. This helps passengers with the latest information to plan their journeys effectively.
  • Seamless Interface: Both the Railofy website and the app have a user-friendly interface. It offers a seamless search of train numbers and names and offers relevant information quickly and efficiently.
  • Detailed and consolidated information: For any 02188 train enquiry, Railofy offers comprehensive information. It covers everything related to the train, including routes, stops, and amenities available onboard. This helps passengers make informed decisions about their travel plans.
  • Multiple Platforms: Railofy is available on both web and mobile platforms. It also offers notifications and status checks via WhatsApp and SMS, making it accessible to a wide range of users.
  • Reliability: Railofy is reviewed by users as a reliable platform with accurate information and updates on train status and enquiry.

What Other Services Are Available At Railofy?

When you are travelling by CSMT REWA SF SPL train along the 02188 train route map you can enjoy several other services offered by Railofy to plan and execute your journey with ease and convenience. Some of these services are:

Order Food in Train

Railofy facilitates ordering food during your CSMT REWA SF SPL train journey and enjoys a hassle-free dining experience. When you check your 02188 train enquiry on Railofy, you will see some stations marked for ordering food. This simply indicates that you can order food in train online, which will be delivered to you at the indicated upcoming station of your choice. Pick from a variety of food options to place your order and get it delivered directly to your seats at the specified station. This service eliminates the need for dependence on pantry car services, enhancing comfort and convenience during travel.

PNR Status

Through the Railofy website or app, passengers can easily check PNR status. The Passenger Name Record (PNR), when entered into the Railofy system, retrieves real-time information regarding ticket confirmation status, seat allocation, and any other relevant updates. This service helps passengers stay informed about their booking status and plan their journey accordingly. Such timely updates are more helpful in cases where there is a change or delays.

Book Tickets

Passengers can book train tickets seamlessly through the railofy website or app. Before booking your tickets, you can easily check CSMT REWA SF SPL train seat availability on this user-friendly interface and access a wide range of classes. Railofy simplifies travellers' ticket booking process. Whether booking in advance or at the last minute, passengers can rely on Railofy to secure their tickets and confirm their travel plans with ease. Thus, the stress of ticket booking is considerably reduced with this seamless process.

Train Running Status

Railofy offers a live train running status feature. Through this feature, passengers can track the real-time movement and location of trains. If you want to check the CSMT REWA SF SPL train running status, just enter the train number or name into the search box and get the live status of the train. This includes - current position, expected arrival and departure times, and any delays along the route. This service helps passengers stay updated about the progress of their journey and make informed decisions regarding their onward travel arrangements.


You can find the train schedule on Railofy by going to the Train enquiry section. Enter the train number you want to search in the empty box and click on the ‘search’ tab next to it to get detailed results on the train schedule.
You can enquire about trains and their timings either on the IRCTC website or through partner websites such as the Railofy app or website. You can also send a query via SMS or whatsapp message to the Railofy number 9881193322. You will immediately get the status update of your train for easy planning and execution of your travel.
To check live status of any train just go to the live train running status page on Railofy website or app. In the search box at the top of the page, enter the train name or train number and click on the ‘check live status’ tab. You will see the complete status update of your train in real-time in the results.
For any train enquiry, you need to know the train number or the train name.
The Indian railways number for all queries related to trains and booked tickets is - 1800110 139.
To check any train’s schedule simply go to the Railofy train enquiry tab. Enter the relevant train number and click on search to get detailed real time information on the train.
You can go to the train enquiry section on the Railofy app or website. By entering the train number, you will get the latest update on the train in real-time to understand its delay or on-time status.
To check any train’s time table simply go to the Railofy train enquiry tab. Enter the relevant train number and click on search to get detailed time table of the train complete with halts and timings for each.
When you carry out the train enquiry for any train on the Railofy website or app, you get a detailed timetable of the train along with its halts and halt durations at each station.
No it is not important to know station codes for the time table. You only need to know the train name or number. Also, Railofy clearly indicates station names for easy understanding of each halt along with the duration of halt at that station.
You can check your seat availability on any train by going to the Book Ticket section on the Railofy website. Enter your Start station and destination stop, along with the travel dates. Click search to find a range of responses for available trains and seats available in them. Pick with ease as per your preference.
When you carry out the train enquiry for any train on the Railofy website or app, you get a detailed timetable of the train along with its halts and halt durations at each station.
You can check the same through the train enquiry check.
Disclaimer: This train running information is not affiliated with or endorsed by Indian Railways or IRCTC.

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